You come across a wrought iron fence that extends to the heavens. Circling around to its gate, you meet its guardians. They stand, tall and powerful and undeniably beautiful, with elegant wings like dragonflies and faces of pure light. Each wears an immaculately tailored suit, an earpiece, and a pair of sunglasses. And in the center stands an array of angles, each burning with holy fire. As soon as you lay eyes on it, the sword of fire lunges towards you, but each of the bouncers call out: "Heel."

"We greet you, Child of the Almighty," the two cherubim sing out in harmony. Your face grows warm and tears blur your vision, so moved you are by the unbearable beauty of their voices. You have so many questions. They answer all of them to your satisfaction.

"We cannot let you into the garden, for the Lord has decreed it. But we will leave you with a gift."

An apple forms from the dust at your feet, and hovers in the air in front of you.

HINT: Wondrous things are scattered throughout the land. Claim them.